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My latest album “Sealegs”

I know…

It sucks to say you’re a rapper nowadays without the aftertaste of the dreaded “soundcloud rapper” term bouncing around your brain. It’s a bitter sweet feeling but I’ve been making music all my life and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Saying it’s therapy is a huge understatement as much as it is cliche. I used to play in bands when I was in high school but I was always obsessed with making music on my own (it’s just easier imo.) Recording my own songs and making beats for fun was something I’ve been doing for years and it wasn’t until I started putting out rap songs that I got real feedback from my music. There is no greater feeling than writing new songs, hearing a good beat, performing, getting dm’s from fans and feeling like what you’re doing matters to someone. I appreciate everyone supporting me along the way and I’ve been completely hooked ever since.

Hip hop gets a bad rep but all it is to me is honesty in poetry. A way for me to express myself in the short time we have on this planet. It’s a release. My goal is to keep making music because no matter what I do I’m not tryna stay here…

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