Welcome to my World. I’m a Cuban American artist, rapper and filmmaker out of South Florida. I’ve worked with small businesses, rappers, musicians and brands to help them showcase their work in a unique way. Currently I am working on a mini series that bundles up everything I do into a nice package. It’s an attempt to tell my story, give weirdos like me some insight in to the journey of becoming a “successful” freelance artist and hopefully inspire you to chase after your dreams.

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Ok so heres some info about this “pilot” and what it actually is: ” I originally cut this up as the pilot episode for a mini series I’ve been working on. As I finished writing the first season Covid 19 hit and put a wrench in everything I had been working on. I could no longer meet up with people and film like I had planned so I had to adapt. I’ve had to rewrite scripts and figure out how to shoot an interesting series without anyone else but most creativity is born out of limitation so I was up for the challenge. I figured this cut shouldn’t just sit around on my hard drive so I decided to share a little bit of it. I started making 1 min videos and posting them on instagram about 2 years ago. It was an exercise and a way for me to start fleshing out ideas for a series and my first attempt at writing something. I started to realize how I could showcase what I do creatively in a series. I wanted to show the ups and downs of being a freelancer but also what it takes to find “success” in America as a Cuban American artist. Hopefully you enjoy this 5 minute peek into what the mini series will be like.”

Music Videos:

Here’s a playlist of all the music video’s I have shot and edited.

KillBillSiren Productions is a South Florida run and gun filmmaking company that shoots gritty, cinematic music videos for up and coming rappers. If you want to book a video head to our contact page and hit us up for a quote.


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